Chiropractic visit and x-rays

I went to a chiropractor today and it was very interesting. He made an x-ray of my back and we talked about training, yoga etc. My body have a sceletal construction wich is in a certain way and for example some of the discs in my back are not formed as they should be. The inbalance in my sceleton system  makes my muscles work harder to correct for this.

my legs are equally long and the inbalance is in the spine itself.  in the chest area the vertebraes are not shaped as they should and I have a tendancy to compress my chest area forward. The lower backs first vertebrae is tilted to the left and that makes my lower part of the spine go to the left.

it was a big relief to see the x-rays and see how my spine actually looks in a relaxed posture. I was expecting a lot of sounds from my body when he started the treatment but there was almost none.I was recommended to sit in a chair which have this special rest for the knees and is called a kneeling chair. I am a bit sceptical about the kneeling chair since wikipedia basically says it is a failure.

I recommend people who have problems with their back to get a total check done by a doctor or chiropractor.  It is also important to understand the difference between relaxation in the muscles and how your skeleton looks. yoga will help your muscles to relax and that is much needed in between physical activity.  The perfect examples you see in yoga magazines are people who also had the help from good genetics to start with. No matter how flexible you are the hard parts of the bone will not change.


career choises

What I want my work to be is. Not so many hours a week. I want time for Yoga, Alexander technique once in a while in the middle of the day. Maybe writing a blog about a healthy lifestyle both on the mental and physical plane would be something to do ?

I finally bought “4 hour workweek” in the danish translation “4-timers arbejdsuge” and that is a must read 🙂

a lifestyle where I can travel the world and write about it would be ideal. I want to be able to go to forreign places and live there for a while. freedom 🙂


this is what wikipedia say about it “Outsourcing involves the transfer of the management and/or day-to-day execution of an entire business function to an external service provider “.

let’s say an example wich is very common. a worker in a developed contry wants 1000 euros to do a task but a worker with the same skills in developing country only wants  100 euros to do the task. Let’s get an example:

You say something have a swedish design. A guy in sweden is doing a drawing and then instead of paying 1000 euros to a swedish worker, who is part of  trade union and wants to work only 38 hour work weeks, you pay 100 euros to somebody in china to actually realise the drawing into something physical. The swedish trade unions only functions in Sweden so they cannot do anything about the 80 hour work week in China with low pay.

Some branches is more difficult to outsource and what to do then ? Some examples from around the globe. In countries with no trade union regulation it is totally possible and it exist that a hospital have nurses on different sallary. A nurse from the Philipines get 10 euros, one from Africa gets 20 euros and one from europe gets 100 euros for performing the same work. All three have to have the same basic knowledge and work the same amount of time etc.

Another example are illegal imigrants who comes into a country and perform a task at a rate witch is much lover than would be accepted from the native populaion. Here we have examples from both U.S.A. and the South of Europe.

My question is if it is really in the interest of the general consumer that people are treated equally around the globe ? Should not trade unions start to work globaly ?

my daily rant

extreme sports are nice but it kind of get strange with “extreme power yoga”.  ecology is that something just for the rich ? I can go into a shop and buy biodynamic food. this kind of food takes more resources and the outcome is less compared to big farms with a lot of pesticides. but if you take a guy who is starving does he really care if the food he gets is biodynamic or not genetically modified ? 

” According to the World Health Organization, hunger is the gravest single threat to the world’s public health ”

to clear things up genetically modifed crops have a very close resemblance to the way crops have been altered all the way through human history. If we through gm technology can make a plant that will survive in a desert but produce a harvest that is comparable to one in Germany for example that could make nobody starve to death. Even if there is a slight risk for dying would you not take it rather than starve to death for sure  ? 25 000 people are dying every day from hunger. If you read this you are probably one of the lucky few who are so fortunate that you have food on the table and a bed to sleep in.

Sometimes it feels like the truth is so easy and straightforward we miss it. I have been to yoga retreats and places were they say they care for the environment but it more feels like museums than something that is actually inline with what really works for the environment. There a x billion people in the world now and if people can do yoga in their own houses from a broadcast through the internet that saves a lot of fossil fuels.   You travel half way across the world in a jet flight to get your enlightment in India. Are we really seaking enlightment or do we get lost in all the beatiful postcards ?

Do you have this feeling deep inside that something is wrong even if everyone looks happy on TV ?  


We go to yoga, pilates and similiar but what is the urge we actually have ? We already have the car, the tv, the console, the washing machine etc. etc. is it not time for us to think about what we can do for the ones who does not have what we have.

new life ?

where am I what am I doing ? I think you can use different methods but the essence is to just relax and lean back and look at what is going on in your life. Right now I am in the middle of a step forward. Where should I put my foot now ?

I am reading the Barack Obaham book “The Audacity of hope” in german. It is a challenge for sure but after my visit to Frankfurt I feel the need to work on my language skills. Years and years ago I had german in school and to tell the truth I never gave it my full attention. I guess the only reason I picked up some of it was that we have some close friends to the family who live there. I realised when in a german speaking region that you get much more praise for that you know a little then what I have got trough my whole time in Denmark. Ok in writing Danish and Swedish is very similiar but when people speak it is hard to comprehend. I had much stronger motiviation to learn english when I was in Derby/UK.

Right now my thoughts are all over the place and will I ever work with computer games again. To be honest I do not know. I mean I almost feel like I have a split personality when my interests outside of  work are yoga, healthy living and stuff. A lot of people have reacted on this and very few people who have met me have guessed that I work with computer games. Over the years most people have guessed on Police. I remember in a class in Yoga class in England that the teacher looked at me and said ” you are not a cop are you ?”. I feel kind of trapped in this body of mine. It is like people have this idea of who I am before I even open my mouth. Sometimes it is good offcourse like when I am on the way home late at night and people think I represent the law so I never get into trouble. In general I feel like it is like theatre to wear all this new age stuff just because you happend to enjoy relaxing activities. I like a little bit of that and a little bit of this.

In general I have a strong feeling against cruelty towards animal and being a vegetarian/vegan sounds ethical right even if I cannot live by it on a daily basis any more.  

Sometimes I feel like I am a magnet with the opposite effect on people. I open my mouth and something comes out that really does not fit in the environment were I am. Maybe it could be explained with social callibration.

I try to avoid parties just because I feel like the conversation is going in cycles ” you do not want a beer ? “. Strangely enough I have had really strong good experiences when being out in a club with no drugs or nor alcohol. Maybe one day we will all be vegetarians and straight edge people. If you went into a big fast food chain and you bought a burger. would it be ok if it had the same taste and the same nutrition but just not the suffering from an animal ?

Seriously I find it strange that people are almost afraid of being alone and not having like 200 friends on Facebook is a social catasrophy.

Myself I do not feel like I belong anywhere. I have tried the community around “the game”, yoga, vegan, vegetarian and buddhism but I always felt kind of trapped. Like there is a number of rules you have to follow to belong to this group. Maybe I am this wanderer who will always be on the move. If I stay to long people will really find out who I am and that would be a catastrophy.


office chairs to consider:

  • kneeling posture office chair, tempurpedic – borrow from my friend to test ? 
  • steelcase Leap – find retailer to test this one
  • balance point stool
  • balance ball chair
  • herman miller “mirra” – tested but high price
  • herman miller “aeron” – tested but even highre price than mirra
  • lifeform’s midback executive chair from relax the back store – comfy office chair

life drawing and female nudity

the move went according to plan and it is pretty close to perfect to live here. feeling the sand under my feet and the smell of ocean really makes the evening run into something special.

to do list

  •  find an office chair for my studio. herman miller “aeron” or “mirra” would be nice.
  • look at alternatives in different price ranges. visit office retailers

I feel much more motivated now both when it comes to physical training and drawing.